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NPAC Moment of Silence

We are collaborating with the National Physicians Advocacy Coalition to provide an online Moment of Silence honoring  healthcare workers and all victims of COVID-19. The information below is designed to help you acquire footage and upload the highest quality to our editors. 

For additional help, please call or text 818.527.6693 or email .

Go straight to upload pageScript / Word Suggestions

Video Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the best quality quickly with your phone.

  • Hold phone sideways if possible
  • Avoid loud rooms
  • Avoid bright lights behind you
  • Natural light from a window on your face is good
  • Masks are fine
  • Please state name, location and organization.
  • Please include an email address in the upload or description so that we may follow up with you if needed. 
  • Please phrase answers by repeating the question. For example: “Michael wanted to work in medicine because it had always been his dream to help people”. Thank you.


Quick tips and creative direction from John Davidson.

Example projects we’ve created.

Video Upload

Legal Disclaimer

By uploading video to this webiste, I authorize Magic Feather Inc. and NPAC (National Physicians Advocacy Coalition) to use or license any footage I provide without limitation on broadcast, film or internet mediums indefinitely. In exchange Magic Feather Inc. will attempt to bring attention to the difficulties medical workers, hospitals, and patients are facing by producing new works which may incorporate the video(s).

Elements needed for NPAC Moment of Silence

Footage Needs

We are currently looking for footage of healthcare worker families and friends speaking about lost loved ones and co-workers. 

Questions for Families

Tell us about how your loved one felt about being a doctor (or nurse, emt, etc). 

Why did your loved one want to work medicine?

What was one of their happiest experiences from their career?

Did he or she have any talents or hobbies (art, music, sports, etc) that you would like to share?

Who are you honoring in the moment of silence? (Please state with “I honor my father/mother/brother etc”


Questions for Colleagues

What do you remember most about working with your lost co-worker?

Describe a moment when he or she performed above and beyond what was expected of them.