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We want to help.

This page is for medical doctors to share sount bites, video clips and patient testimonials regarding HCQ, Zinc and ZPak. 

Submissions of these videos can also be uploaded below. Thank you for all your hard work. Stay safe.

If you need us, please call or text 818.527.6693 or email .

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Video Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the best quality quickly with your phone. 

  • Hold phone sideways
  • Please set phone camera settings to minimum 1080p. 4k is great, too.
  • Avoid loud rooms or rooms with hard surfaces that echo.
  • Avoid bright lights behind you
  • Natural light from a window on your face is good
  • Please state name, title and locatio
  • For each clip, focus on a single thought. It’s ok to record a second take if you stumble – we can edit them together. 
  • Please keep this link private – word of mouth / text / email only. Posting on public social media will open my system up to attack. 
  • Please include an email address in the upload or description so that we may follow up with you if needed.
  • When using the upload link, be advised that it may take a few minutes depending on how large / long the clip is.


Creative direction 

  • Sound outlets of use these types of messages to discredit others. Tempting though it may be, thoughtful, succinct, science based statements that are specific to points of contention are more effective. Here are some ideas:
  • ‘Studies that don’t incude zinc, stink.’
  • ‘Treat in the first five, stay alive.
  • ‘Surgisphere discredited the entire scientific community and there’s been no punishment.’ 
  • ‘FEMA shipped 19 million doses of HCQ in April and the tide turned. Since the FDAs June 15th removal of HCQ emergency use, cases have skyrocketed.’
  • ‘The last time doctors were silenced like this was January in Wuhan China.’
  • If you record video of yourself with a hand over your mouth, that could be used in a very interesting montage.
  • is a great site to share. 
  • Because this treatment has the potential to save many lives and reduce healthcare strain, my request is that we not use this platform to protest masks. If you truly believe in this treatment, masks will soon be irrelevant. 

Video Upload

Be advised, the upload may take a few minutes. The upload page will change once the upload is complete.

Legal Disclaimer

By uploading video to this webiste, I authorize Magic Feather Inc. to use or license any footage I provide without limitation on broadcast, film or internet mediums indefinitely. In exchange Magic Feather Inc. will attempt to bring attention to the difficulties medical workers, hospitals, and patients are facing by producing new works which may incorporate the video(s).