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After last week’s RATEQUAKE, I decided to figure out just where our power is going. This led to a few surprises that by Sunday had cut my power use by nearly 30%.

Couple of notes. We are currently renting a home in Beacon Hill/SDGE territory and own two electric cars that we do not charge here for very obvious reasons. I also work from home and have some big computers. I’ve created a numbers doc that can be viewed from home.

Couple of notes. Our bill last months was about $550 with about 1240 KwH of usage. The avg per KwH after all the taxes, fees and shenanigans comes out to about .44c per KwH.

I tested appliances using the very affordable

First up, we ran the central fan, not the ac, just the fan, for 5 minutes per hour with an Ecobee 3. I thought this would filter the air and keep our girls rooms fresher at night when doors and windows were closed.