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Artist, MD

We are looking for frontline Health Care Workers to participate in artistic works inspired by recent events.

Music, songs, painting, sketches, drawings, poetry, short stories etc. If you haven’t had time for artistic expression, perhaps this will motivate you to do so.

Maybe it’s a sketch of a cloud over a city, a drawing of hands, a painting of your kids, poetry describing your feelings, a profound statement, a song recorded with your iphone, etc. HIPAA doesn’t own your art, or your heart.

I don’t know where or how we might use it. If we find a way to do so, we’ll attribute you if you wish (just say so in the description on the upload). Please upload whatever files you’d like to share below.

Thank you for all your hard work. Stay safe.

If you need us, please call or text 818.527.6693 or email .

Media upload

Legal Disclaimer

By uploading files to this webiste, I authorize Magic Feather Inc. to use or license any footage I provide without limitation on broadcast, film or internet mediums indefinitely. In exchange Magic Feather Inc. will attempt to bring attention to the difficulties medical workers, hospitals, and patients are facing by producing new works which may incorporate this media.